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Posted on Friday, November 23, 2007 12:11:27 PM
Security experts are advising that hackers are now using another kind of SPAM, called Spit (SPAM Over Internet Telephony) with Voice-Over Internet phones (VoIP).

VoIP is technology used to transmit phone calls over the Internet, rather than through a traditional phone line.

Spit attacks are not as common compared to the everyday nuisance of email SPAM. However, VoIP hackers will be as dangerous as email spammers when the more threatening voice phishing or Vishing takes off. Vishing occurs when a call is misrepresented as to where it originated, yet all indications are that the call is legitimate. With VoIP, it is not very difficult to use a pre-programmed identity or number in the call display that isn't actually the phone number that the call is being made from.

For example, a call received from a bank shows the bank name and number in the call display. The name, however, has been pre-programmed and the number appearing on the screen is not a legitimate financial institution. If the call is returned to this pre-programmed phone number, the caller is then prompted to provide a password, pass code or security details to verify their identity. Once shared, the unsuspecting caller’s personal security has been breached.

If you are unsure of or not expecting a call such as this, and personal or financial information is being requested, you are urged to take a call back number and verify it prior to releasing the information. Verifying call back numbers can be done by calling the institution using a listed number from your phone directory, the financial institutions web site, or by using reverse look up on Canada411, or on a web search engine like Google.

As Voice-Over Internet technology becomes more widely used, industry experts believe that attacks will become a more frequent threat.
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