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Posted on Sunday, October 14, 2001 6:10:00 PM
1. Выпрямите спину и соедините руки так, чтобы пальцы едва касались друг друга - указательный палец левой руки к указательному пальцу правой руки, средний - к среднему, и так все пальцы. Отсутствие пальцев не является принципиальным: тогда просто представьте себе, что Вы это делаете.

2. Закройте глаза и очистите свое сознание. Задача - добиться того, чтобы на протяжении 60 (шестидесяти) секунд в Вашем мозгу не возникало ни одной мысли. Любое проговаривание про себя любой мысли расценивается как неудача и служит началом новой попытки.

3. Произнесите громко первое, что придет Вам в голову. Это и есть смысл Вашей жизни. Если Вас не устраивает этот смысл, вернитесь к пункту 1. Однако помните, что, злоупотребляя поисками смысла жизни, Вы можете потерять смысл самих поисков. Соблюдайте баланс и равновесие поиска. Не старайтесь давить на свое сознание - ответ придет сам.

4. Поблагодарите Беспредельное Ссущее за его Безграничную Милость мантрой "Ом мани падмэ хум" (108 раз
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Posted on Thursday, October 18, 2001 12:05:00 AM
To sum this literary composition in few words, it basically comes down to: if entire human population was reduced, and maintained at this constant figure, such problems as pollution, famines, and extinction of certain earthly species would be eliminated. “All you have to do is resist the selfish urge to reproduce. Unfortunately, most people (especially those stupid Africans) seem totally unable to wrap their minds around this concept.” I bet, the author(s) is/are also very happy about the war at States and Paki-land. I mean, human lives are being wasted, and slowly but surely the world is becoming a “better place”. I am not taking sides, nor am I making a fool of anybody. You have the right to believe, and so do I. However in my opinion, a war is a war, a famine is a famine, and pollution is nothing more than a concentration of a whole bunch of deadly (for most inhabitants of this earth) particles. All the things above are as natural, as the very same overpopulation. The human beings are responsible for all of these, and destroying ourselves and our habitat is also a natural occurrence in this universe of matter and energy. This planet can account for about 10 billion people. Then the nature’s self-regulating forces (those even more serious to human kind than any war, or Chernobyl imagined) will come in to place. As an example let’s pick an air-born paralisis (beside which Anthrax can go suck it's own penis). Thereby, the 10 billion would very quickly become 10 million… 10 thousand… maybe even a simple 10. Nonetheless, humans would put a hell of a struggle and those that survived would give a birth to a new generation of superior mankind (Darvin). All those billions of genetic models would just be filtered out, leaving the absolute strongest, and most intelligent for contribution of their genes into the pool of greater beings. You were right when you said, “my genes aren’t that hot and neither are yours”, therefore you and I probably won’t be amongst survivors, and so we’ll die. We’ll die like hundreds of others around the globe at this very moment. Death is also natural, for everything that was once born must die. I do not remember how painful or pleasant was my birth, hence I assume death will be a somewhat identical experience. I do not care what exactly will provoke my demise, be it an accident, the time itself, radiation spill, or something tied with overpopulation, the end result will still remain the same… a complete desist, atrophy, and decomposition of all my neurons. Fuck it!!
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