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Posted on Wednesday, April 26, 2006 6:44:46 AM
«мне кажеца что поганые квартирки на окраинах москвы, киева и тд будут дорожать форевер
ето первое жилье для лимитчегов, а они будут ехать и ехать»

Весьма интересная идея. "Потянуть шнур" если че-то не так легко, но шансы и перспективы я думаю стоят риска.

То же к серебру, хотя я бы посмотрел цветные металлы типа никель/манганезе и др. так как автоиндустрия и военка хорошо продвигаются и перспективы тоже ничего с ростом Китая/Индии и остальной Азии.

Насчет золота - да, поздняк метаться, уже всё продано и куплено.
"...человек-существо самоповторяющееся и очень боязливое.Решиться на перемены-не легко..."(c)Аноним
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Posted on Wednesday, April 26, 2006 10:20:21 AM
«Серебришко покупать надо , пока подешевело:)»

ANALYSIS-Copper won't defy gravity forever, but crash unlikely
By Sambit Mohanty

21 April 2006


Reuters News

SINGAPORE, April 21 (Reuters) - The blistering rally in copper prices may start to cool later this year as new production finally comes on stream, but most analysts are not expecting a big correction anytime soon.

As miners from Chile to China ramp output to grab a piece of the commodities boom, supplies of copper could begin matching demand later this year and next.

Because of high demand for the industrial metal, thanks to the relatively robust world economy, copper has appeared resistant to any downside risk.

The world's big investment funds, who have no intention of ever taking delivery of the metal, have been piling in to grab big returns for their portfolios, and driving up the prices in the process.

Indeed on Thursday, precious metals suffered a correction with gold sliding 4 percent and silver losing 14 percent. But while copper wobbled, it ended the day only a fraction lower and by Friday was up $54 at the bid price of $6,350 a tonne.

But most market players don't believe copper can defy gravity forever.

"We won't see a massive correction in copper prices but I will be surprised if it goes much higher from here," said Mike Komesaroff, managing director of Urandaline Investments, a consultancy specialising in power-intensive industries in China.

"I think we are probably somewhere near the peak," he added.

Some market players are nervous with copper rising so far so fast. The red metal had risen nearly 50 percent this year before hitting a high of of $6,545 a tonne this week.

"There has to be a correction soon," said Rohit Shah, president of the Bombay Metal Exchange. "The market cannot bear the burden anymore. People might be planning to exit the market."

Matthew Hope, a copper analyst at AME Mineral Economics, agreed: "I think currently we are running outside of fundamentals."
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