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Posted on Tuesday, July 23, 2002 1:27:00 PM
Туманность - не те данные смотрим...
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Posted on Tuesday, July 23, 2002 2:37:00 PM
к любой такого рода статистике я отношусь очень предвзято. В данном случае, я просто констатирую своего рода абсурдные выводы, как бы сделанные многими здесь, исходя из приведённых цифр ( даже если бы эти цифры и были правильны)

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Posted on Tuesday, July 23, 2002 5:38:00 PM
Prince of Silence,

Thank you for responding. You’ve raised fair and interesting issues. I totally understand about generalizations, the only reason I brought it up, is because my mother (whom I consider to be an intelligent person:), brought that information with her when she came back.
I agree that by in large, the more developed a person is, the more of an ‘individual’ and the less mass/group oriented s/he is.
Also, you may notice that a term “intellegencia” which once represented by an intelligent, independent caste of people, that due to political situation could not openly speak about their views etc. does not carry the same meaning. Right now, there is much more freedom of speech in Russia, so the term got somewhat blurred, and does not carry the same meaning.
Also you’ve raised an interesting point when you talked about ‘business orientation rather than family orientation” in Canada. I can see that. Somehow I imagine North America as “the brain” and Russia as the “heart” of the globe;)

However, my main point was that in Russia a typical Russian woman was described as “lomovaya loshad: semya, muzh, deti, dom, rabota, ocheredi itd. Vsyo na ney”. In North America woman plays a little gentler role and even though a lot had changed since the sexual revolution, woman by in large, do not carry as much responsibility as they do in Russia. (at least this is how I see it), I see Canadian women more oriented towards equality and in Russia there are more or less fixed roles women still play.

This is by no means to put any nation down, those are just observations. Once again, I am talking in generalizations, there are different classes of people and Canada probably is not the best example since there are so many cultures here anyways.

What I wrote before stem from my discussion with my mom, I wish I could go to Russia and see with my eyes.

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