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Posted on Wednesday, June 12, 2002 8:40:00 AM
I know that there are lots of people here, who may be interested in the coming changes to the immigration laws in this country. Most of you probably know that a new Immigration Act was enacted last year. However, most of the details remain to be finalized in regulations (t.n., podzakonnie akty). Reproduced below is an article from today's Globe re proposed regulations, which may be of interest to some of you.

PS: I know virtually nothing about and do not specialize in immigration law. So please do not expect me to give any advice on this board.

Rules unveiled for immigration act
Immigration Minister Denis Coderre talks with reporters Tuesday after introducing changes to the new Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

Globe and mail Update

Immigration Minister Denis Coderre unveiled proposed rules for the new immigration act Tuesday, saying they strike a balance between the importance of bringing new people into the country and the need to protect the country from terrorists.

An overhaul to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act in December, two months after the attacks of Sept. 11, caused much concern among minorities, opposition MPs and some Liberal backbenchers, who complained that the new act made it much more difficult to get into Canada.

"We have to balance our desire for openness with our need for security," Mr. Coderre said during a press conference in Ottawa to announce the regulations.

But he warned "this is a work in progress," saying that if unforeseen dangers came up, Ottawa would have the flexibility to consider its options.

The Immigration Minister said the changes will provide officials new tools to recognize and react to criminals or terrorists more quickly.

Mr. Coderre's announcement Tuesday was his response to the report of the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration. The committee recommended 76 "constructive regulations." Mr. Coderre said his ministry is accepting half of those and will make them part of the regulations for the new act.

Immigrants are a much-needed part of Canada's fabric, he said.

"For the labour force, as well as for our democratic weight, immigration is critical ... [Immigrants] contribute significantly to the growth of our work force.

All new immigrants will also automatically be issued the Maple Leaf card on June 28, when the regulations come into force.

The card, which the government says is virtually fraud-proof, will provide identification and status of all immigrants.

The main areas where changes will be made are with respect to families, skilled workers, and the protection of refugees, Mr. Coderre said.

A new sponsorship program will allow for both opposite-sex and same-sex spouses to apply to get into Canada more quickly.

The Immigration Minister has also changed the number of points that immigrants need to achieve on a selection grid to get into Canada — most likely in response to pressure from backbench Liberals who said that parts of the current grid make it too difficult for blue-collar workers to enter.

The new regulations mean more points will be awarded to those with a trade certificate or a second degree, additional points for those with both French and English languages, and more points for younger workers with less experience so as to bring in younger employees.

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce said it while it was pleased with some of the changes, "many regulations remain too restrictive" and won't allow for Canada to deal with the skilled labour shortage it faces.

"We are pleased that the government responded to some of our concerns making it easier for skilled workers to qualify for immigration," said Nancy Hughes Anthony, president of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

Changes have also been made to the refugee class, eliminating
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Posted on Wednesday, June 12, 2002 1:54:00 PM
даю еще одну ссылку на официальный сайт Citizenship and Immigration Canada.


Всех благ!
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Posted on Wednesday, June 12, 2002 2:54:00 PM
"It'll make it difficult and almost impossible for highly qualified and educated people from eastern europe to came to Canada. Yet refugies have no problem coming to Canada. Canada accepts them with their arm wide open. Our poor Palistinian and Chechnian friends. Canada needs more people who will sit on welfare for the rest of ther lifes or run some crappy variety store. This new law will only affect legal immigrants."

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