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Posted on Sunday, November 16, 2003 1:17:00 PM

An essay by anthropologist Gilbert Herdt, editor of Ritualized Homosexuality in Melanesia and the author of Sambia Sexual Culture, shows how radically different cultural perceptions of a proper masculine upbringing can be.
Bizarre homosexual rites are practiced extensively by numerous Melanesian tribesmen in New Guinea and adjacent islands. Young boys must "accumulate" semen for several years, either by regularly receiving anal penetration, or by swallowing the ejaculations of older males they fellate. This ancient custom springs from a religious belief system that regards sperm as the essential conduit of masculine energy; puny boys, they believe, are only transformed into virile warriors if they ingest large quantities of sperm. Once the boys are older, they are fellated by younger boys. Once married, they lead a bisexual life. Once they become fathers, all homosexual behavior stops, until the next batch of boys are initiated.

"бут" - тоже неплохое словечко, а?
Будем жа культурны, граждАне!

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