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Joined: 3/1/2002
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Posted on Thursday, May 1, 2003 12:18:00 PM
Бабба, ага, особенно иммигрантам.
Joined: 11/11/2002
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Posted on Thursday, May 1, 2003 12:22:00 PM
Thor: Француский легион? Не очень владею этим вопросом....
Joined: 3/1/2002
Posts: 51165
Posted on Thursday, May 1, 2003 12:24:00 PM
спонсирование определённых государств и их армий для поддержки военных конфликтов и междоусобиц(гражданских войн) в раздробленной стране ради власти и влияния над ними.
Например, Пакистан, Афганистан...
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Posted on Thursday, May 1, 2003 1:27:00 PM
If there is one issue I have fiercely debated with Americans is who had actually won the WWII. To be more precise, which country out of Allies (excluding France for all obvious reasons) contributed the most to the victory over Nazi Germany? Even by reading more or less respected Western historians, one would come to the conclusion that it was Sov. Union. Americans and the others played an important role through the “Lend Lease”, the South-Pacific Campaign (McArthur), the African Campaign (Patton) and finally through the Second Front in Europe. However, the overall victory still belongs to the Sov. People. As Thor pointed out, old vets will never forget about the role of the Sov. Union in the war. Actually, I was quite pleasantly surprised that many American and Canadian high school students ranked the Battle of Stalingrad as the turning point in the WWII.

We have to make distinction between the evil leadership of the Sov. Union and its citizens that put their lives to fight the Nazis.


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